ACORAB engages development partners to shape future of community radio in Nepal.

The Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal (ACORAB) commemorated the 13th World Radio Day by embracing this year's theme of celebrating the triad of information, education, and entertainment, resonating deeply with the ethos of community radio in Nepal.Coinciding with the Day, ACORAB convened a consultation meeting with representatives from development partner organisations to seek their inputs on ACORAB's strategy for 2030. Strategy-2030 aims to leverage power of 382 community radios for local socio-economic development, including raising public awareness, promoting literacy, empowering marginalized groups, and fostering community resilience. For the purpose, ACORAB shall facilitate the community radios to foster innovative programming, transform into multimedia platforms, deeper engagement with communities, align with audience preferences, adopt new business models, harness the power of technological advancements and other innovations, and evolve the community radio sector that keeps pace with the times. The consultation meeting served as a platform for exploring potential partnerships of mutual interest, further amplifying the collaborative spirit within the community radio ecosystem. As ACORAB forges ahead with its vision for a vibrant and impactful community radio landscape in Nepal, the strategic insights garnered from this consultation meeting are poised to shape the trajectory of the sector in the years to come.