How radio became her calling

Radha Phulara 13 March, 2024

From my earliest years, my fascination with the radio was palpable. Whether it was engaging in spirited debates or showcasing my talents in public speaking competitions at school, or simply losing myself in song and dance, I threw myself into every opportunity with gusto. Participation was never a question for me; I strived for the top spots in every event, driven by a natural inclination towards success. But it wasn't just about winning; I harbored a genuine passion for the arts. Whenever I performed, my father's applause served as both validation and motivation, fuelling my determination.
I count myself fortunate that my father diligently preserved the certificates of my achievements from those early days, a testament to his unwavering support. Despite his modesty, he takes pride in displaying them, always prioritizing my success over his own recognition. Growing up in Phulwari, Kailali, my connection with the radio deepened as it became a constant presence in our home, courtesy of my father's unwavering companionship. Listening to it day and night, I absorbed the nuances of news delivery and program presentation, instinctively adopting the cadence of radio announcers.

As I completed my schooling and found myself with some free time, fate intervened in the form of a week-long training program at my alma mater. Eager to expand my horizons, I eagerly enrolled, relishing the opportunity to hone my speaking skills and broaden my knowledge. During one session, when a fellow participant hesitated to speak, I seized the chance to share my insights, drawing on my extensive radio listening habits. Impressed, the trainer recognized my potential, planting the seed of a dream: to become a newsreader.
Despite initial doubts and fears, I nurtured this aspiration, eventually submitting a proposal to work in the news department. Though met with skepticism and setbacks, I persevered, buoyed by the unwavering support of my family. Opportunity finally knocked during the annual celebration of Radio Amargadhi FM in Dadeldhura. Invited as an artist, I seized the chance to immerse myself in the world of radio, networking with staff and exploring potential avenues for employment.

When the opportunity arose to apply for a position at the radio station, I didn't hesitate, recognizing it as a stepping stone towards my dream. Despite lingering doubts and uncertainties, I embraced the challenge, buoyed by my husband's unexpected support. Thus began my journey with the radio, initially as a receptionist but gradually expanding my role to include speaking on-air and even hosting programs. Each milestone reinforced my confidence and solidified my identity as a radio professional.
Despite the challenges and uncertainties inherent in the industry, my commitment to radio remains unwavering. It's not just a job; it's a passion, a source of inspiration, and a lifeline for both myself and my young son. As I continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of radio journalism, I remain steadfast in my belief in its power to inform, educate, and inspire. For me, the radio isn't just a medium; it's a calling, a constant companion on my journey of self-discovery and societal impact.