• The Asia Foundation-backed Subnational Governance in Nepal project (2018-2021) elevated community mediation and local judicial committee roles, utilizing radio programs, a drama series, and PSAs to influence mediation policy decisions across governance levels, with 57 programs on mediation and 79 episodes on governance themes. Simultaneously, the Parliament Support project concentrates on enhancing public comprehension of proposed bills, gathering feedback, and reinforcing parliamentary outreach, aligning with the shared objective of both projects to augment public awareness, understanding, and engagement in governance processes for more effective governance in Nepal.
  • In 2019, the UNDP-supported Parliament Support Program, led by ACORAB, proved impactful with 20 radio episodes, media mobilization, and field programs, exceeding its outreach target of 77 radios to reach 150+, acting as a vital conduit for citizen-parliamentarian interaction. The program, "Hello Samsad," influenced MPs, fostering open discussions, systematic information dissemination, and collaboration among federal and provincial MPs, notably inspiring a Chure conservation bill by MPs in Province Number 2, showcasing its tangible impact.