• UNICEF, in collaboration with the National Health Education Information and Communication Centre (NHEICC), CIN, and Ujjyalo Network, utilized diverse communication channels to disseminate tailored COVID-19 messaging, reaching communities, including vulnerable and at-risk individuals, through radio stations in 2020.
  • In 2021, supported by UNWOMEN in partnership with LACC, the project focuses on live radio program production and broadcast to raise awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic, targeting excluded and vulnerable groups, including women, girls, LGBTQI+ individuals, in 11 Palikas across 11 districts, addressing their challenges through strategies like media empowerment, community engagement, and information dissemination.
  • In 2021, Give2Asia supported a media campaign for COVID-19 response in Nepal, aiming to enhance community awareness on virus prevention, advocate for economic reform and livelihood initiatives at various government levels, and support frontline health workers and national public health priorities through targeted advocacy, while also building the capacity of community radio and radio journalists in reporting skills, with a particular focus on COVID-19 and common disasters.
  • In 2021, (CIN) Sambaad launched "A radio program on CSE" in collaboration with 12 community radios across 12 districts, reaching over 210 radio stations and addressing 10 interconnected issues on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), including topics like relationships, gender, sexuality, reproductive health, violence prevention, well-being, values, human body development, and access to adolescent and youth-friendly services.
  • Media partnership on live radio program production and broadcast for awareness raising about COVID-19 pandemic supported by UNDP.
  • In order to ensure that all Nepalis, regardless of their location, are equipped with timely and pertinent information about COVID-19, a collaborative effort was initiated in 2021. This initiative involved the Community Information Network (CIN)/ACORAB, Ujyaalo 90 Radio Network, Sharecast Initiative Nepal, UNICEF, and the National Health Information and Communication Centre (NHEICC) coming together to establish the Corona Capsule. This concise program serves to provide listeners with the most recent updates and guidelines regarding COVID-19, dispel any misinformation, and address any queries from the audience regarding the disease.